5 Tips to Combat Frizzy Summer Hair

5 Tips to Combat Frizzy Summer Hair

Ah, summertime.  Don’t you just love the warm sun on your skin, the feel of the sand between your toes, and the cool splash from the pool or the waves?  We do too.  But with all the best parts of summer also comes the humidity, the heat and those dry winds.  So, what’s a girl to do when faced with unmanageable, frizzy hair?  Follow our 5 Summer Hair Care Tips To Fight Frizzy Summer Hair  and focus on all the things you love about summer, including your hair.

Tip #1: Shampoo is great for cleaning dirt and grime away from hair, but it also strips your hair of its natural oils, which is part of your hairs defense to combat frizz. Consider shampooing your hair less often. Waiting a day or two between washes will ultimately result in healthier, less frizzy hair.

Tip #2: Wash off conditioner using cold water. Cold water causes the cuticle of the hair to contract and lay flat while also adding shine and taming frizz

Tip #3: To prevent your hair from humid conditions that cause it to swell and frizz, put on a protective, hydrating product. Talk with your stylist to help you choose the product that best suits your hair.

Tip #4:  If you can’t beat it, join it. If the humid weather is causing you a lot of hair-frustration, don’t fight it, chances are you’ll lose every time. Instead, work with your hair type. That could mean getting the right cut, using the right product, and working with your hair’s natural tendencies. For example: if you have naturally curly hair, don’t try to straighten it, work with your waves instead!

Tip #5:  Allow your hair to air dry. We all have a love-hate relationship with our blow dryers, and while a blow dryer has many benefits, we’re here to tell y’all it’s not your friend when dealing with humidity. When that stream of dry, hot air hits your locks it causes them to dehydrate and creates frizz.

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