Bridal Hair: 3 Tips For Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Bridal Hair: Wedding Day Hair Tips

It is the bridal season and that means it’s time to plan your bridal hair!  Don’t leave anything to chance; with the right stylist by your side, and by following ‘Bridal Hair: 3 tips for looking your best on your Wedding Day!” you’ll be sure to look your absolute best! 

1.  Be True to You!  From dreamy Cinderella hairstyles to BoHo Chic weddings, brides are expressing their personal style from head to toe and we love it!  When choosing your bridal look, be true to you.  Show off your personality in every aspect of your wedding; from the venue to the bridal gown, shoes and of course, your bridal hairstyle. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that you have to give up your personal style to fit into some other idea of what a bride should look like. After all, your guests are there out of love for YOU. So, be your authentic self and own it!   

2.  Know Your Stylist. If you don’t have a stylist already, then it’s time to start looking. Your stylist should be someone whom you trust with everything from your hair color, cut and ultimately your bridal style. You may even decide to have him/her in charge of coordinating the styles for your wedding party.  That means you need to really know his/her habits and capabilities. Allow yourself some time and do your research by talking to your friends and family, and attend bridal fairs when possible. Choose at least 3 hair stylists from your research and arrange for a consultation and “interview” with them. Ask about his/her experience with styling brides and ask to see his/her portfolio. Finally, ask what suggestions he/she has for you and if it’s way off base from your idea, then he/she is not the one and move on.

3.  Share. Don’t hold back any relevant information from your stylist.  This includes your likes and your dislikes.  Be sure that you share the theme for your wedding, your wedding colors, venue (indoors or outdoors), and take in a picture of you in your dress. Your stylist will need to consider all of this when planning your bridal hair look.  When you get closer to the wedding, make at least one appointment with your stylist and go through a complete dress rehearsal for your hair and make-up.  You’ll need to have your veil or any hair ornaments with you.

If you are asking your bridesmaids to wear their hair a specific style, you may want to arrange to have at least one of your bridesmaids with you so that your stylist can do the same for her.

If you or someone you know is getting married, give us a call. Our professional stylists at Southern Roots Salon are happy to take care of your hair and makeup on your Wedding Day. Whether you are looking for a glamorous Cinderella look or a BoHo chic inspired look, we’ve got you covered! We also have a traveling team to take care of you on location. Call the salon to book a FREE consultation and your big day at 615.431.0725. For on location bookings please ask for Candace or e-mail us at 

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