Perfectly Flawless Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Southern Roots Salon has all the things you need for your wedding day. From wedding day hair to makeup application for you and your bridal party, our team of stylists will help to create your perfectly flawless wedding day hair and makeup.

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Your wedding hair and makeup should complement your wedding gown and accessories while being perfectly suited to you. So begin with these Bridal Beauty Tips for wedding day appeal that will have everyone talking.

  • Begin with healthy skin and hair. Use a great skin care line to keep your skin clean and moisturized.  Consider splurging on skin treatments such as facials and waxing to give your skin a healthy glow.  Or, if regular facials are not an option,  a week  before your wedding  make an appointment with a reputable salon or spa and get a cleansing (and relaxing) facial and waxing. Do this at least 5 days prior to your wedding  in case of any irritability.
  • Pay special attention to hair care in the weeks before your wedding, so that your hair is shiny and healthy. If you’re unsure of the best products for your hair type, consult with your stylist.
  • Schedule a trial makeup and hair session a few months prior to your wedding.  This gives you an opportunity to meet your makeup artist / stylist and discuss the look you want to achieve on your wedding day. Bring pictures of looks you like and any accessories that you plan to wear.
  • Use a make-up that is long-wearing and will stand up to sweat and tears over the course of your celebration and into the night.  Make sure to pack a touchup kit with any makeup you want such as powder, blotting papers, blush and lipstick to help keep makeup looking fresh.
  • Select soft, neutral tones that look timeless and won’t  make you look extreme or overdone in person or in pictures. Your makeup artist will be able to conceal trouble areas, such as dark circles, as well as use techniques that will accentuate your best features.
  • Curl your eyelashes, use waterproof mascara. If you feel comfortable, use false lashes for an extra dramatic appearance. Shape and fill in eyebrows using a shade lighter than your natural brow color.
  • Finally, give yourself and your bridal party plenty of time for hair and makeup on your wedding day. Being  less hurried will help reduce anxiety and wedding day jitters.

The Bridal Team at Southern Roots Salon aims to make your wedding day memorable and enjoyable.  Visit our website at for information regarding our services or to book your appointment,  or call 615.431.0725.

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