Short Hair Cuts: Determining When You’re Ready To ‘Cut It Off’

Short Hair Cuts: Are you Really Ready to ‘Cut It Off”?

Going short and opting for a short haircut may seem like a good idea, especially when you’re ready for a new look, but how do you know when you’re ready to make a BIG change?  Well, there are certain things you’ll want to consider so, we’ve put together a list of three of the top considerations that will help you when making your decision about your hair style, and determining when to opt for a short haircut and ‘cut it off’.

1.  Turn to Face the Change.

Ask yourself this question, and be honest, “Are there any major changes happening in my life right now?”.  Cutting all of your hair off during a life crisis or a bad break-up may not necessarily be a good time to make any big changes, including cutting off your hair.  There’s one thing about having buyers remorse, but you can always take back a big purchase,  you can’t; however,  just grow your hair back.  To avoid adding any more stress, sit on the idea.  Look through magazines and peruse the internet for styles you can imagine for yourself.  When things calm down, and if it still seems like a good idea, then go for it!

2.  All Things in Moderation.

If this is the first time for your to ‘go short” then maybe think about taking it slow.  Consider moving into a long bob (Lob) and then transition into a bob.  If you’re happy going shorter and want to go shorter still, then consider a cute pixie next.  By going short in stages, you’re able to  try out a variety of looks without the commitment.

3.  Time.

If you’re thinking about  going shorter to save time on styling, then think again.  A short hair cut doesn’t necessarily mean a shorter routine.  Consider that you’ll need to maintain your haircut by making it to the salon every 3-4 weeks, and top-knots and ponytails are no longer an option.  Styling products and styling aids will be necessary to keep your look looking it’s best, even on those days when you want to just get up and go.

Still ready to make the change and opt for a short haircut?   Then give us a call for a consultation and to make your appointment with one of our expert stylists.

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