Three Simple Steps to Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care: Combat the Effects of Summer Hair Color Problems With These Three Simple Steps

Heat, sun, and chlorine are no friend to hair.  Just like your skin, hair needs to be protected in order to avoid their damaging effects.  Keep your hair from looking dull and lifeless and “Combat the Effects of Summer Hair Color Problems With These Three Simple Steps”.

The number one reason hair turns brassy is sun exposure.  The sun fades hair color and causes oxidation giving hair that brassy look and wiping out shine.  Add to that frizz caused by humidity, moisture-zapping chlorine, and saltwater and you have the perfect storm.

Combat the effects of summer hair problems with these three (3) simple steps and keep your ‪‎hair and ‪hair color looking its BEST all summer long!

1.  Keep it fresh. Salt water and harsh chemicals can damage the hair shaft.  Chlorine and other minerals from hard water react with color molecules causing hair color to look brassy.  High levels of chlorine build-up can also cause blonde or lighter hair to take on a greenish tint.  To correct these effects, rinse hair with fresh water immediately after swimming in the ocean or the pool.  If you don’t have a shower close by use bottled water.  As soon as you can, wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo.  Sulfates strip away at hair color causing it to fade more quickly.

2.  Hair needs sunscreen too! UV rays from the sun can damage the hair, causing your color to fade faster. Use a sunblock made for hair that contains UV protection. For more protection from the harsh effects of the sun, wear a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat.

3.  Tame the frizz.  Frizz is caused when the hair absorbs moisture causing the hair shaft to swell and roughen.  When this happens color looks dull and lifeless.  By coating your hair with a leave-in conditioner, you force the hair shaft to lay down, creating a smooth appearance, healthy sheen, and truer color.

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